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Hi, I am Rippy & I am a lifestyle blogger. As a working professional & a homemaker for over 22 years, I share what I know from my experience. I help working professionals like you with simple, actionable tips to manage work, life and teenage kids thus creating a blissful space for you and your loved ones. 


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7 Series
No Regrets Only Learnings in the Corporate Life which I wish to share with the world.


Positive Parenting
Great Parenting happens when we start controlling ourself & stop controlling our child.
Self-Care is not Selfish. Everyday Self-Care Tips for the Mind & The Body


Life Lessons
My Life, My Choices, My Mistakes , My Lessons…Join In !



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“Captured the essence Rippy. So true…Parenting never gets monotonous. As they ( and we all) grow, each day comes with new challenges. Each phase requires recalibration, tightening/ loosening. We learn to be better parents, better people. They grow, we grow.”

Life Lessons
“Lovely write up! Each person is an amalgamation of their own experiences through life and may react differently to the same situation. How you react to a situation truly reflects the kind of person that you have become. I always admired you and look forward to more insightful thoughts from u you.”

“Every word resonated. “Form your own opinions”… I know you do that and I have always respected your maturity and clarity. Amongst many other qualities and value. Keep penning…these are everyday choices/ decisions we all make…your thoughts will inspire us during these times.”

Management– 7 Series
“Write up didn’t let me blink my eyes.
Can correlate to your experience mentioned under ”Form Your Own Opinions – People, Events or Things”. This certainly a blog which makes you re-evaluate the purpose of your life and what difference you create by your actions & thoughts
I concur all what you have tried to illustrate”


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