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How Important Are Good and Bad Karmas for Your Relationships

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Karma and Relationships – Amazing Facts You Need To Know Today

How do we define relationships? A relationship is a noun and means how two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected. It can take many forms like family, friendship, acquaintance, and romantic. Some other forms of relationships are work-related, teacher-students and a community or a group.

I am going to add a new dimension to relationships… the “Karmic” dimension. I feel our Karmas determine and play a very important role in all our relationships. Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence and decides their fate in future existences. Any relationship, whether good or bad, is governed majorly by the karmas of our previous births.

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No Person in Your Life Is a Coincidence

Karma places everyone in your life for a reason, and though we may think we are making a choice, it’s actually the opposite.

We cannot choose our family, i.e. our parents, siblings and other relations and our born into a particular family because of our previous karmas. Similarly, two children of the same parents are not alike. One is obedient and respectful while the other maybe always hurting their parents from early childhood days.

The statement that marriages are made in heaven is true. The marriage may be arranged or a love marriage. Some succeed, but many fail because of different causes. But why is it so that many marriages with problems continue, at least at face value? The reason is that there is still some karmic load that both the partners are carrying, which can only be absolved by living through a painful relationship.

The same is when sometimes we instantly like or dislike a person at first glance even before interacting much. It is because of our previous good or bad karmic relationships.

Let me share an example from my life to substantiate the karma and people connection.

I suffered from COVID in April 2021, in its peak time when there was a shortage of beds and oxygen in India. All big hospitals were full, and my husband and I managed to get a bed in a small private hospital. But what happened after that was totally unexpected.

We were completely overwhelmed with all the love, care and compassion we received. All the doctors, nursing staff, ward boys, sweepers and the administrative staff were simply outstanding. I did not know anyone personally, but they cared for me as their own mother ( I am 60 years old).

Usually, Covid patients are kept in isolation, and even the nursing staff wearing the PPE kit maintain a distance. But here, the staff nurse used to hold my hands, sit near me to give moral support. This while wearing the protective gear on for long hours. They were very affectionate and ready to help us every day. They even took a selfie with me when I was discharged. Such was their commitment to the cause and their empathy levels.

How can you explain such an affectionate relationship? I must have done something good in my previous births or in this birth to receive so much affection, compassion and care.

That’s why it is important to acknowledge the role of every person in our life and what they bring forth to our Karmas.

I would only say that the karmic relationship of previous births plays a major role in all relationships. The rest depends on how we use our “vivek”, which is intelligence to manage that relationship and add to our good or bad karmas.

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You Are Where You Are Destined To Be

Definition of relationship also included the connection between people, place and things.

Also, a person is born in a particular country because of their strong desires of the previous births but his/her work may take him/her to another country. We call this destiny which is another name for Karma because your Karmas define your destiny.

Here is another example from my personal life which substantiates this point.

My youngest sister wanted to be a doctor and took the medical entrance exams twice but did not get the colleges of her choice. She ultimately settled for graduation in computer science and wanted to do MBA but only from top institutes of India. She got through to a relatively new college in Delhi and attended the same for two months. But she ultimately decided to give it up and sit for the MBA entrance exams again.

In her second attempt she got through a leading MBA institute in Mumbai and decided to move there. She eventually started working in Mumbai and met her future husband and settled there.

This series of episodes further strengthened my belief in the karma relationship between the person and a place.

Hence all are actions are guided by our Karmas taking us in the direction where we are destined to be.

According to Hindu dharma, nature tries to fulfil your strong desires, so try to have positive strong desires.

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Concluding Remarks

Every relationship is influenced by our karma. What we do comes back to us either in this birth or the next. So we should try to do good karmas, which will help develop good harmonious relationships at all levels.

Last but not least, try to maintain the most beautiful, everlasting and divine relationship with the almighty so that we break the cycle of karmas and attain eternal bliss.

How Karma Affects You and Your Relationships

Annu Khanna

About the Author:

Dr Annu Khanna is an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon). She did her MBBS and MS from the prestigious medical colleges of Delhi.  After being busy in clinical practice for more than thirty years, she now spends a semi-retired life because of the covid pandemic. This has given her time to read a lot and introspect & share her thoughts with the world.

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5 thoughts on “How Important Are Good and Bad Karmas for Your Relationships”

  1. Dr Minni Chadha

    For the first attempt at writing…you’ve done a wonderful job Annu…
    All the points mentioned are very relevant to us & our lives… Nothing happening in our lives is random…it is all preordained…
    We are what we are… or where we are… what we manage to achieve… is all linked to our past karmas..
    So lets all try to remain positive under all circumstances….try to do good even when it is difficult & live peacefully & harmoniously together.
    Annu …Waiting for your next write up

  2. Poonam Kapoor

    Very well written ,dear Annu bhabhi.Each and every thought that you have expressed is the outpour of your experiences that you have faced in your life itself.
    Yes,it’s true that whatever we get is the result of our past karamas .And we should not stop doing good karmas.Lets leave everything to the Almighty.He will square up the things in times to come .All the best.

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