5 Essential Life lessons you need to know

Life lessons
Life lessons

Introduction to Life Lessons

As I  sit in front of a blank sheet of paper, I wonder what to write a blog on……life lessons, food, parenting, travel, fashion or maybe just an amalgamation of all. But behind all these, are three guiding principles – Mindset, Motivation & Management. If we can master these, we can achieve success across any field. In this post, I want to touch five core values which influence our mindset. These are essential life lessons to lead a blissful and enriching life. These fundamentals have been my lifelines during my personal & professional space.

My Life Lessons

Today all our family groups are flooded with the Good morning “gyaan” messages. These are mostly ignored & some even consider these spamming . How are my life lesson different then? Well, my life lessons or life lines come from what I have seen people do in different walks of life. They, including me, live these every day. These mindsets are etched in my life now and here are my Top 5.

  1. Every Incident In Your Life Has A Purpose – Good or bad is how we interpret the result
Life Lessons

While most of us realise this in retrospect, it’s those difficult moments and living through them that define your belief. This may be as simple as not getting tickets for a much-awaited holiday or an unfortunate event. I have been through both the extremes of a missed holiday & grave illness in the family. But pandemic is something that probably our generation had yet to witness. However, a healthy mindset that we will overcome this & re-iteration of my faith in the larger purpose is helping me go through this phase of life.

2. Form Your Own Opinions – People, Events or Things

This is especially true for the corporate world as we all like to carry through the perceptions /opinions handed over to us. We prefer that rather than looking at the people/situations from a fresh perspective. You will be surprised how things change with the latter. I have worked with people who were entirely written off by my predecessors. Their feedback was taken in the stride, but it did not influence my judgement. I gave them a fair chance to prove themselves again & they went on to become top performers. Still, with due respect to all concerned sometimes, it’s all about how you groom and interact with people & a situation. An open mindset is a key that makes a difference.

3. Believe In People & Their Capabilities

Life Lessons

This corroborates the point made above. Especially in the role, I played in the corporate world of working with people from different streams to manage large scale projects. Everyone has their priority list & every time it may not match yours. Hence when they don’t do or delay the work, which seems to be important from your perspective, pause & reflect rather than react. It’s just a mismatch of priority list & maybe a discussion over coffee will help.. it always helps :-).Re-align and see the same people work for you with you together. Our values need not match always, but we still need to believe in another person’s capability. And this can be a crucial life lesson for us.

4. Charity Begins At Home

A cliché yet so very powerful. I saw it being practised by my mom during my growing up years & has stayed with me since then. It’s essential to treat people who serve us – our helpers with dignity and respect. They are the reasons we women folk can go out and work peacefully. We know that our family & house is in excellent and safe hands. There is no point in donating to charitable institutions when we can support our domestic helper’s families in securing education & better life. Again this becomes very relevant in today’s time when we all are re-thinking our priorities. Remember, you can be someone’s lifeline.

5. I,Me,Myself

Life Lessons

Sound selfish right?  Again some golden words from my Mom –“ If you will not take care of yourself, how will you take care of your family .. you need to be strong to be their anchor”. While this holds for both the genders, it is especially relevant for women. Women tend to ignore their health, nutrition, fitness & social needs while managing home, families, work & kids. This sacrificing mindset does not help anyone. Therefore it’s essential to take care of your self first. Do what makes you healthy & happy before trying to solve the world’s problems. I quote “ We can only give away to others what we have inside ourselves “..Wayne Dyer.

So .. what do you think .. do any of these resonate with you? Do you agree/disagree with some of these life-lines? Let me know as I want this to be a platform for sharing thoughts, opinions and learnings from each other’s practical experiences. Maybe you can add a few more.

PS: while I was going through the blog again I realised I probably listed my life lessons in reverse order of importance … exactly the way we treat them in our lives :-).

Happy Living …..

Rippy Gauba is a mom of 2 teens who has taken a sabbatical from her 22 years of corporate life & now indulging in her passions which includes spending quality time with her family, painting and blogging. She writes on Mindset, Motivation & Management Tips which impact our lives as an individual, as a parent and as a working professional. She believes that these nuggets can create Ripples of change & that’s her intention.

22 thoughts on “5 Essential Life lessons you need to know

  1. Rippy you have put the daily life challenges beautifully.
    Where there is a will there is way.
    People do and achieve once they are ready for it.
    Your words may ape for many to choose the right directions towards their positive growth and mental well being ?

  2. Ripppzzz
    Read your blog ! Very honest share and I loved your reference to *Mum* Bachhan Bhua ! ??
    And yess ,I also learned quite a few insights shared by you !
    Lovely inspiring read !

    1. Thanks Bhabhi, yes my Mum has been a big influencer & as per Pankaj he sees so much of mom in me. This is a huge compliment for me. You yourself have been a path-breaker and an inspiration to many in the family.

  3. Write up didn’t let me blink my eyes
    Can correlate to your experience mentioned under ”Form Your Own Opinions – People, Events or Things”. This certainly a blog which makes you re-evaluate the purpose of your life and what difference you create by your actions & thoughts
    I concur all what you have tried to illustrate

  4. Every word resonated. “Form your own opinions”… I know you do that and I have always respected your maturity and clarity. Amongst many other qualities and value. Keep penning…these are everyday choices/ decisions we all make…your thoughts will inspire us during these times

  5. Lovely write up! Each person is an amalgamation of their own experiences through life and may react differently to the same situation. How you react to a situation truly reflects the kind of person that you have become. I always admired you and look forward to more insightful thoughts from u you.

  6. While reading your blog, the image of your beautiful smiling face in my mind instantly created a ripple effect of joy in all the cells of my body !!?

    Honestly, so apt–named
    Ripple effect!!

    To add to your life lines…..

    Each one of us in this universe is unique and has a special role to play !
    If we truly believe this, then only we will be able to accept and appreciate each ones’ individuality!

    Yes……enjoyed reading again in the reverse order!!
    I,me myself ..is the only thing we need to take care of… not only the gross but also at the subtlest level.!!

    A positive thought starts off a chain reaction of goodness all around!!

    Keep writing !!!?

  7. Beautifully penned Rippy
    I Me Myself… if we are healthy and happy from within we will spread positivity to everyone around us
    Believe in people and their capabilities…Learn to share our thoughts and priorities in a simple and clear manner and be open to the perspective of others. We can never stop learning.

  8. Hi Rippy great reflections ..we have always known you as a thinker , a compassionate listener and a person who lives life on your own terms and conditions after reflecting and giving a ear to everyone’s opinions. That’s very much what you write on your blog. I wish you all the best.

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