Three Self-Love Practices That Will Change Your Life

the art of self love


How To Master Self-Love With Three Amazing Practices



Self Love is the most essential component of self-care. Self-care Is the most vital part of self-love.

And together both self-love and self-care are the most important for YOU.


why does self-love matter

I invite you to do a little experiment with me –

Go to the mirror – look into your eyes and say “ I LOVE YOU “ to the person you see there.

You can even add your name to the sentence and say out loud while you look at your SELF – I love you. ( adapted from the Mirror exercise by Louis Hay)

Easy? Good for you – Do it one more time and one more time and give yourself a big hug. And remember just like you love yourself – love All.

Not so easy?

Well here’s where you start. Why not?

If you don’t have a love for yourself why would someone else?

If you can’t tell yourself you love you, why would someone else?

If you can’t love yourself – how can you love another?

You can’t give what you don’t have.

Repeat: You can’t give what you don’t have. You cannot love another if you don’t love yourself first.

For years we have been conditioned to love others and respect others and look after others but not-self. And this self-neglect leads you to Dis-ease. Because you are not at ease being you. Your self worth is dependent upon validation from another.

You feel you are only worthy if others constantly praise you and love you and need you.

And the true “ essence” of the “God-ness” in you is lost in this noise of external validation and criticism.

With this Pandemic, so many of us have been forced to re-evaluate our life. Many are feeling disconnected and Ice-olated. Its time to connect within. See yourself. Love yourself.

So how do we align with our Soul – with our Soul purpose – with SELF?  Being a certified Ho’oponopono and Bach Flower practitioner – my favourite is these three beautiful practises.


how to practice self-love and care

Bach Flower Remedies :

how do you develop self love?Dr Edward Bach said, “ Dis-ease is the result of conflict between personality and Soul “

When your personality is in harmony with your soul – there is the ease of flow and no illness can manifest in this ease.

Who is Dr Edward Bach? A Doctor, Bacteriologist, a homoeopath, an intuitive and deep thinker and the Discoverer of Bach flower Remedies. These remedies are the essence of flowers which diffuse a negative state of emotion with the positive vibration of the flower. Nature has gifted us these beautiful remedies which Dr Bach brought to us so we can be in emotional, mental and physical harmony. In this kit of 38 remedies there is a transformer for every negative emotion we can experience, be it fear, anger, jealousy, impatience, uncertainty, lack of self-esteem etc.

Bach Flower remedies are loyal friends who always empower you to be the best version of yourself. They enable you to listen to your inner voice and to love yourself and flow with life.





love yourself

Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice of forgiveness, transformation and transmutation from Hawaii which heals you by deleting the memories and data from within you that creates dis-harmony within you.

Disharmony with the Soul that is Pure Divine Light. It aligns you with the Peace of I, that peace, which is beyond all Understanding.

Dr Hew Len learnt this simple practice from Morrnah Simeona and this was further advocated by Dr Joe Vitale in his book “Zero Limits”.

The practice includes 4 statements-

” I LOVE YOU “,” I AM SORRY “, “PLEASE FORGIVE ME” , “THANK YOU”. It mandates that you take 100 per cent responsibility for your life. To transmute, transform and align with the Divine.



Connecting with Angels :

self love plan

Angels are always with us, always ready to guide us towards Harmony and Health. To manifest what we desire and to help us eliminate toxic thought and energy.

Angles are with you since the time of your birth till you are in this physical body and only need your request for aid. Simple words like – “ My Dear Angels please help me “ are all you need.

These angelic friends are pure, loving messengers of God helping you to connect to the God within.

No request is too small or too big for the Angels to address. No task impossible. They communicate with you in easily discernible ways that you can learn to listen and understand.

You are not Alone.

I use one or all of these and several more techniques and tools from my kitty of wellness. For myself first. Because my Divine duty and right is first towards my Self.

From this place of self-awareness – that I am A Divine child of God and so are you, comes an amazing strength and the urge to be of service to all.

I’m excited to incite in you an urge to look at yourself with the eyes of love. With a heart filled with compassion and gratitude for all you are and all you do.

And from this place of acceptance – I invite you to heal all that needs healing in you in any way you would like.

Help yourself to feel love. Feel compassion. Feel happy. Feel healthy. Feel nice. Feel joy. Feel peace. Feel free.

Aham Brahmasmi ( the core of my being is the ultimate reality ).

When you say Aham Bramhasmi you acknowledge that you are the world. The creator of your reality. And if you are the creator you can choose to create love, harmony, health and peace.

My wish for my-Self and your-Self is


(Sat Chit Ananda-

_Sat_ : truth, absolute being or existence – that which is enduring and unchanging

_Chit_ : consciousness, understanding and comprehension

_Ananda_ : bliss, a state of pure happiness and joy

_*Sat-chit-ananda*_ is a Sanskrit term that describes the nature of reality as conceptualized in Hindu and yogic philosophy. Some consider _sat-chit-ananda_ to be the same as God or Brahman (Absolute Reality). Others use it as a term to describe the experience of realizing the unity and wholeness of all existence. It is said that _sat-chit-ananda_ is the source of all consciousness and all perfection. To experience sat-chit-ananda is to achieve the ultimate goal of the spiritual journey in Hinduism or yoga)

Try These Out Today And Experience A New You With Self-Love!


My name is Jogita Jagwani and I stand for JOY FOR LIFE.


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4 thoughts on “Three Self-Love Practices That Will Change Your Life”

  1. Excellent piece of writing…
    Ive just finished a course on Angel guidance with Jogita… also a workshop on Bach remedies… believe you me.. it’s life changing…
    Being a doctor I believe in our own allopathy medications & I used to just pop in a pill every time I had even a minor issue…we all know the long term side effects of all these medications but still we take them … but since I attended the workshop on Bach remedies…it’s been a month or so… haven’t taken any medications… whatever minor issues I had were all taken care with these remedies… results are almost always instant & magical… amazing…
    Also recently I finished with Angel connection/ guidance sessions… awesome experience… only thing I can say… That connection…IT HAPPENS….you have to experience it to believe in it……… AND
    You just have to have FAITH ….
    Thank you dear Jogita & Elle for help & guidance as I start my this journey towards HOLISTIC healing….
    Self care first…is the best way we can ultimately take care of our loved ones.

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