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7 Awesome Tips For Choosing The Right Self-Help Gift

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How To Choose Self-Help Gifts We All Need Right Now!


The Gifting Season is here again !! And with all that is happening this year, we want to bring back the smiles on the faces of so many people. Our loved ones, our colleagues, our friends & most importantly, so many selfless health care workers out there.

I agree with Harlen Miller who said: “Probably the reason we all go so haywire at this time of the year with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words.”

But this year lets put some extra thought into buying those gifts that improve quality of life as this has been a stressful year. People need to re-gather their strength & realise how vital self-help is in this journey. Your thoughtful self-care gifts will go a long way in making someone’s day.

Why Are Self-Help gifts relevant in today’s time?


I have decided to give Self-Help or Self-care gifts to all my folks this year.

Self-care is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with oneself as it produces positive feelings and boosts our confidence and self-esteem.  Especially this year when most of us are confined to our homes for a significant part of the year. Some faced considerable losses in businesses while some, unfortunately, lost their jobs.  We all need self-help either to pick up pieces of our lives again & look forward to new innings in this “New Normal”.  Thus our gifts should remind them that their needs are important too &  ensure that they remain motivated & healthy.

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Here I share with you thoughtful ideas for self-care gifts which I would love to receive. And also the criteria for choosing these gifts which improve the quality of life.

Read on & start making your shopping list.

The Ultimate List for Self-help Gifts

ideas for self care gifts

Self- care Gifts for showing Gratitude


I want to start with self-help gifts for showing gratitude. Showing our gratitude to people who have been our pillars of strength during the pandemic is on top of my to-dos.  The list is endless here  – from doctors, health care workers, social workers to our helpers. While we were comfortable & safe in our homes, they ensured that people get all the necessary medical & social help at this time of need.

We also need to keep in mind the sacrifice the families of these people have made during these trying times. Many healthcare professionals have not been able to go back to their homes for months altogether. And many of these people are still and will be on duty during the holiday season. We cannot give back their time to their families, but we certainly can make them feel special.

You may also want to include those people in your list who gave you the much needed mental & emotional support during these times. These can be anyone, your family members, your spiritual gurus, your friend or even your neighbour.

Hence Self care gifts for social workers & their families should be top of the charts for us this year.

I have curated some of the gifts which will undoubtedly be on my shopping list for showing gratitude to these important people & their families. And they do have some Halloween specials for the kids. Have a look. Depending upon your budget,  you may want to alter the quantity or contents.


Self-Care Gifts for the person  who needs some Quality Me Time


These are people who have continuously been working. They are either taking care of the families who were under lock-down while working from home in many cases. They can be homemakers, caregivers, women in the workforce or your respective spouses. Their workload has gone up & with all the family members at home all the time; there is no real me time available for this person. With many companies continuing work from home & schools adopting online education, the situation may not change in many countries.  For the rest, as things slowly creep to New Normal, there is exhaustion caused due to anxiety and concern for the wellbeing of their loved ones.

What these people need is some quality time with themselves, where they can relax & unwind. While Holidays & Spas may be an outlet in some parts of the world, for most of us, they seem to be still far. So here are my  5 best self-care gifts for stress for people who need to give themselves some time.

These include self-pampering kits to Art-inspired therapy.  I have also realised that journaling is very therapeutic & any tools for journaling can be the start of a great self-care journey. Have a look.



Self-Care Gifts for a person who needs help with time management


This one is a little tricky as you don't want to offend that person with the gift. Remember the things to buy for self-improvement cannot be in your face kind of gifts. So let's see what we have here:

Leaders in Heels Stationery to nurture, inspire and empowerFor working women, I would recommend these Beautiful Planners from Leaders In Heels. These are designed by a busy woman for other busy women & provide the right inspiration & style to your work life.



For better time management of home tasks,  I would suggest you can gift the various Day Planner Pads available at mom Agenda.




Apart from these, there are excellent audiobooks available on Time Management. Click here to take your pick. I am sure you will find an ingenious way to gift these.

Self-Care Gifts for Co-workers & Employees


Our colleagues & employees are another set of people who deserve due attention. They have ensured that the work goes on irrespective of the challenges thrown by the pandemic. Hence they deserve special attention. Also, it's not easy to work from home & deliver the same level of performance & consistency.

So here are some self-help gifts which will bring cheer to their hectic, online life.




Self-Care Gifts for College Students


Our Teens deserve special gifts this year. While on the face of it, children and adolescents may appear to be less at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms. But the pandemic has significantly disrupted their lives and their routines. There is an interesting article by experts at  Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health, which made me realise what my Teen may be going through Covid-19 & adolescents during these times. The anxiety & stress brought about by social distancing norms & lockdown can be unnerving & depressing at the same time.

So anything that boosts their ego & helps them look forward to the new normal even if its online campus, it's worth it.

Personalized nameplates from POSH Mommy JewelryI love the PoshMommy collection of dedicated engraved jewellery pieces. It is light & just right for everyday wear. And jewellery certainly brings a smile on the face of any teenage girl. You can also get a 10% off on the NewPosh collection. Just put in the code NEWPOSH during checkout. Go ahead & pamper her this year.



This Personalised grooming Box for men will be a great gift for your Teenage son. Check out more options at Cratejoy.




Self-Care Gifts for Fitness Motivation


Staying fit has been a big challenge for many of us, especially during lockdown periods. With the whole family in one house, many did not get their space, and hence even the online options failed to motivate. Its is time to go back to your work out routine in the " New Normal". Therefore whether it's offline or online, these gifts will help ignite that spark again. With these, don't forget to share my tips on motivation to work out with them.

Self-care Gifts for Self


Hmmm! You must be thinking why I have chosen this to be the last category. We were talking about what we want to gift others, right? Yes, that is correct, but it's important not to forget our name on the list. We also need due attention this year as we also belong to the same tribe of people. Therefore it's not selfish to gift ourselves.  As a matter of fact, this year is the right year to indulge in the joys of self-gifting. Your reasons can be any of the ones listed in this article.

So go back and read the Top 6. In which category do you see yourself and be honest because it's between you and yourself. Show some self- love and select a self-care gift for yourself this holiday season.

My Wishlist is:

  • Achieve Mindfulness
  • Create a piece of art on Big Canvas
  • Practise Self Love
  • Get back to Reading

And these gifts are just right for me:


So I hope I have made your task of choosing the right gift easier. But do remember "Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them and not the merits of who receives them"-Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Have a wonderful Holiday Buying Season !!

And give the Right Self-Help Gift this season to yourself and the people who are important to you!



Rippy Gauba is a mom of 2 teens who has taken a sabbatical from her 22 years of corporate life & now indulging in her passions which includes spending quality time with her family, painting and blogging. She writes on Mindset, Motivation & Management Tips which impact our lives as an individual, as a parent and as a working professional. She believes that these nuggets can create Ripples of change & that's her intention.




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