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15 New Year Resolutions I Have Made For The First Time

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My 15 New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Rethink Yours !

It is that time of the year again when we all start thinking about the resolutions we want to make for the coming new year.

It all starts with great enthusiasm, and we probably continue with it for the first few weeks in Jan, and then slowly our resolves lose steam.

In my personal experience there are 5 main reasons we are not able to stick to our new year resolutions.


Why New Year Resolutions Fail?

1. Shiny Object Syndrome

shiny ball in hand

Let me first explain this syndrome. The shiny object syndrome is when you always see something new and more exciting to do than what you are already doing. It’s similar to a child or an animal seeing something shiny far away, getting attracted to it, but losing their interest in it as they approach it. The shininess disappears, and so does the interest in the object.

I have covered this in detail, in 7 Harmful Habits You Need To Stop Now and one of the Habits we need to do away with.

So what has this syndrome got to do with your New Year resolutions.

A lot of time our resolutions are me-too resolutions based on what others are doing. Because we are seeing so many of our friends talking about resolutions which sound fancy or in vogue, we get enamoured enough to take that up. These can be losing weight say by Keto, seeking spirituality under fancy names, or taking up a hobby that may require your time and money.

In some cases, we may stay inspired to pursue these, while in many cases, slowly the attractiveness of the activity fades away. And so, does our resolve. And we question ourselves ” are New Year’s resolutions effective?”

2. Unrealistic Resolutions

Ladder going to rainbow

While there is nothing impossible, one must also understand that setting unrealistic expectations will lead us nowhere.

In corporate world we are supposed to be setting “’SMART Goals” where SMART stands for

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Relevant

T- Time-Based

Therefore, for setting realistic goals, we need to be specific, i.e. I will lose 5 kgs in say 3 months will be a more practical approach than just saying I want to lose 5 kgs.

3. Low Self-Confidence

lady looking unhappily at herself in the mirror

While I may have set my goals, I have low self-confidence in my ability to achieve them. This is another reason why we make new year resolutions. We tend to push these difficult tasks to the new year, hoping that something will change in the new year and we shall achieve what we could not till now.

So, what will change? Nothing- if we don’t want to change. So, the change must start from us, which can happen anytime in the year and not necessary depending on a date change.

The Biggest change in my life happened in the middle of the year. Read my story of Change here.

4. Procrastination

lady looking at a clock

In this case, you want to push your goal as far as possible because as a habit, you like to procrastinate. While a new year seems motivating,  a change of date will not make a difference frankly if you are in the habit of delaying things.

I am guilty of this myself. I have been procrastinating on releasing my newsletter, and now that’s one my new year resolutions.

5. Bite The Whole Elephant

lady blindlof with elephant in her mouth

Well, actually the proverb is to” Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time”. But most of us want to eat the whole elephant, and the result is disastrous & demotivating. Same is the case with our new year resolutions.

Let’s break our goals down into simpler actionable steps or milestones that can be tracked. Another approach can be to focus on the Inputs rather than the Output.

For e.g., if I want to lose weight, I should break down my resolution into what activities I am going to do. say exercise for 45 mins every day, Finish my dinner by 7 pm and so on.

Every time you achieve a milestone, you will get motivated to work harder towards your goal. Also, if we can accomplish these tasks every day, we are inching towards our goal slowly and steadily.

Keeping all the above in mind, I have made my list of 2021 resolutions.

My New Year Resolutions

Blogging Resolutions

lady working on a computer

Apart from a freelance project management consultant, I am a full-time Lifestyle blogger. I love my new profession and have put down some of my blogging resolutions here.

1. Write More Of What My Heart Wants

We all tend to get swayed with what’s in trend because we all need more readers and acceptance especially in the blogging world.

I am going to complete 9 months of blogging in December. In these 9 months, I have written 25+ blog. But the ones that have maximum resonance with my audience are where I have written what I wanted to write rather than go with the trends.

These 5 blogs relate to most important aspects of my life & got me maximum readership. Read them here.

7 Reasons Why This Is the Best Time To Adopt Yoga

7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Be Creative

The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials You Need To Own Today

This Is What Happens When A Non-Dog Lover Gets One

5 Ultimate Friendships That Are More Important Than You Think

2. Do More Research

One day a week, pick a topic from my niche & check out five or six articles on this topic.

3. Start Networking More With Experts In My Field

There is so much to learn from so many people if we are open to and my journey has just started.

4. Start My Newsletter

This is the first priority. I have been sitting on this for too long and the first one has to go out in Jan 2021.

Relationship Resolutions


This is my second set of resolutions and really important ones.

5. Reconnect With Old Friends

It’s always fun to relive the old times and is a great stress buster. I will try to connect with them atleast once in 15 days.

6. Try To Be More Patient With My Teenage Daughters

It’s not that I am not, but there is no word called “Enough Patience” with teens. Every day is a test of your tolerance levels and how well you behave as a parent. Because the teens will absorb your vibrations and they will react accordingly.

But did I not say – I am loving every bit of it and growing everyday with them

7. Increase My Social Quotient

The needle on social quotient has definitely moved for me, but I still need that constant push from my husband and daughters. Again, this is not a necessity, but I have realised that it helps to know more people and connect genuinely.

8. Try to forget the Past and Move On

Especially wrt to certain relationships. When we brood on the past, we are unable to move ahead and look at a relationship in a different way. So, I have been trying not to let negative thoughts come in my mind and if they do, not give them too much space and move ahead.

I still need to master it in the new year.

Self-Care Resolutions

Lady painting

These are my 3rd Set of resolutions and by far the most important. If I can take care of these, I will be in a better state of mind to work on the other two.

9. Indulge In Something I Love Doing

I love painting & have been missing doing these because of my blogging schedule. My goal is to do at least 2 paintings in a month starting Jan. I also have to do another big one on Canvas.

10. Start reading more

These days most of my time is spent on the blog and the related stuff. I need to probably start managing my time better so that I can pursue my reading habit

11. Do A Self-Love Course

I did a Ho’oponopono course, and it has really helped me calm my mind and look at things differently. You can read more on this here. I want to do an Angels session next.

12. Network With My Tribe

I really think we girls are terrible at keeping this promise to ourselves as we get lost in daily house chores and our office work.

But I am promising myself that The coming year will be different.

13. Do Swimming Regularly Along With Yoga

I lost the rhythm of swimming during the lockdown and have resumed it recently. My new year resolution is to swim at least 3 times, along with my Yoga 5 times a week.

I am pushing this resolution on my husband list too. Let’s see if it works.

14. Listen To Podcasts

Again, something that I have been procrastinating on. I will hear atleast one podcast a week

15. Better Time Management

With blogging and my consultancy work, time flies, and I am moving into my corporate zone of “No time”.  I need to start managing my blogging schedule better to make time for people for who, I left my job in the first place.

So, friends here are my top 15 and the list is “WIP” as there is no start date and end date for resolutions. Every day is the perfect day to set a goal, but it is important to believe in it and take it through with honesty.


So Go ahead and make your resolutions and don’t forget to share this blog with your family and friends.

A big Thank You to my sister Dr.Minni Chadha for the 2021 artwork

If you would like to be a part of my tribe, please do subscribe to my Newsletter.

Have a great and blessed 2021.

The truth about New Year Resolutions- My Practical Perspective.

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19 thoughts on “15 New Year Resolutions I Have Made For The First Time”

  1. A good set of resolutions… Iam sure you’ll manage to see most of them through…
    For me….Hopefully in 2021… God willing… I want to live a little more normal life… be a little less fearful… maybe resume some social life with extended family…..
    Praying for better & brighter 2021 for all…AMEN ??
    Have a safe & blessed new year….??
    Cheers ?

  2. It’s really worth giving it a serious try. Especially 3,8 and 10 th.
    I would also suggest Atomic Habits by James Clear… A must read for all those who are comitted to change their habits.

    1. Dear Dr Udita,
      Thank you for your feedback on the blog and I am glad you like it. I will definitely get my hands on the Atomic Habits. Wishing you a blessed and safe 2021.
      Have a good day!

  3. Awesome as always dear ….
    So precisely said regarding the new year resolves.. actually the story’ goes like this only…grest practical tips:)
    Thanks for sharing

  4. A well written article. Few points are applicable on me also. Yes the most importantly is time management and love yourself. And to do what you love most. For that matter anything. Important is to take out me time. You are very correct we should have patience with teenagers.. As patience shouldn’t have any limit as you hav written. Finally forgive and try to forget the past. Or at least take lessons from past but not crib over it always..

    Thanks for sharing the article

      1. Reading through the article I felt every word of it was so correct, yet never came in my mind before. So thoughtful of you.Also request you to elaborate more on how to have patience with teenagers, I am also a mom of one teenaged daughter and another would be a teenager soon and I am actually struggling on this aspect.. Would really look forward to ur blog on this.
        Thank u so much maam, Keep blogging
        A very happy new year to u too

      2. Dear Dr Rohini,
        Thank you so much for your feedback on my blog. I also have 2 teenage daughters, and I can very well understand your struggle. It’s a wonderful age as we learn every day from our kids but at the same time its tests our patience.

        I have shared my experiences on various issues that come up with teenagers and how I deal with them.
        You can go to my website http://www.my-ripple-effect.com and go to the Positive Parenting section.

        Some of these may be particularly useful:

        1. 7 Valuable Time Management Tips That Will Make Your Teen Soar
        2. How To Help Your Teen Develop Compassion – 7 Wonderful tips
        3. 5 Tips To Say No To Your Teen That You Need To Learn Now
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        5. This Is Why Every Teen Must Know These 7 Important Values
        6. How To Manage Mood Swings In Teens – 7 Useful Tips
        7. Powerful Parenting That Will Make Your Teen Soar

        Please do share your feedback and if there are any specific concerns, I will be happy to help.
        Have a wonderful & blessed 2021.

  5. Great piece at the right time of the year !
    Lovely artwork … Ma’am you never fail to amaze us.
    Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year !

    1. Dear Annu,

      Thank you for your feedback on the blog and I am glad that you find some points that you can resonate with.
      Wishing you a blessed and safe 2021.

      Have a good day!

  6. Dr. Anshu Blaggana

    Lovely piece of work. Such a wonderful portrayal of what actually happens and a practical guideline to follow. Shall surely try to stick better to my set of Resolutions.

    1. Dear Dr Anshu,
      Thank you for your feedback on the blog, and I am glad you like it. All the best for sticking to your resolutions.

      Wishing you a blessed and safe 2021.
      Have a good day!

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